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The Entrepreneurial Faculty Ambassadors (EFA) was established to enable peer-to-peer support for faculty who want to develop their research into products or services that benefit of the public.
This group was established to serve as a support structure for this type of translational work, and aims to serve faculty at all stages of this process – from finding out what intellectual property is and how to secure it, to how to recruit people and resources for your startup company.

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If you are a WSU student, post doc or faculty member interested in bringing your research products to the public, please join this network of innovative scholars. By joining you will learn of upcoming networking events to connect with this base of entrepreneurial experience, and opportunities to learn how to develop and resource your translational research efforts.

About the EFA

We have gathered a team of eight faculty from the WSU system who have had success in starting companies, raising money and providing products to the public. These ambassadors will act as resources to others interested in translating their technologies and innovations to improve quality of life.

In its inaugural year, the team of Ambassadors plans to build a strong entrepreneurial infrastructure at WSU by:

  • Building a system-wide community of faculty dedicated to broadening the impact and reach of their research;
  • Encouraging entrepreneurial success by helping faculty identify and overcome challenges in transitioning their research into the marketplace through licensing and startups;
  • Creating the next generation of entrepreneurs through mentoring from experienced faculty entrepreneurs, and innovative learning experiences;
  • Serving as a conduit back to the University leadership to align institutional policies to foster an ecosystem of its land grant mission-aligned entrepreneurism.

The EFA program is spearheaded by the WSU College of Arts and Sciences and the Office of Research. It is supported in part by the College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences, the Carson College of Business, the College of Veterinary Medicine, Health Sciences Spokane and the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture.