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WSU Economic Impact OLD For Researchers
You may not realize it, but you are already engaged in economic development.
At the Office of Economic Development, we help you network and engage with partners who can invest and collaborate with you to impact innovations, workforce development, and community development. The road to investment, whether a company or foundation is going to support basic research, or license a technology from a graduate student, begins with relationships. Below you can see how we help build them.


We are the eyes and ears of WSU in Seattle, and across the state. By representing WSU on industry associations, at strategic events and through one-on-one interactions with Washington’s business leaders and influencers, the economic development staff identifies new ways for WSU to engage in the economy.


We can connect you to speaking opportunities and networking events that will introduce you to key business leaders and policy makers. Graduate students can get an introduction to industry interactions through volunteer opportunities. Additionally, we will help you promote your economic development-related news items, events, and recognitions to our network of private sector partners.

Networking and Volunteer Opportunities

If you have questions or specific introduction requests, please contact us at


Once we’ve made those connections, it is time to engage WSU faculty, students and staff with the organizations that align their research or teaching efforts.There are several opportunities to present research that is nearing commercialization at industry events, bring private sector partners to see your lab, arrange one-on-one meetings, and nominate for recognition opportunities.


Request Industry Visit or Meeting

Present Research to Private Sector


Once you have engaged further with a company, foundation, economic development or community organization, opportunities for investment start to arise. This is where licensing agreements, startup investments, programmatic support and more start to come into play.


Corporate and Foundation Relations can help University faculty, staff, students find strategic collaboration funding opportunities with private organizations.The Office of Commercialization can help faculty and students get their innovations into the marketplace

Private Funding & Partnering

Contact the Office of Commercialization