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WSU Economic Impact For Faculty & Students
Research and teaching inherently impact the economy of the regions where they take place.

Discoveries made in the lab can translate into improvements for industry and quality of life. They can lead to new products and companies that result in more jobs. Students who have hands on experiences in the lab and classroom are better prepared for the modern workforce. Curriculum that is based in part, on helping students appreciate and learn about local industry needs, experience team-work and problem-solving, and engage directly in creating and mastering innovative technologies provides regional businesses, government agencies, and NGO’s with direct access to talent. The resources provided here benefit faculty and students looking to take their research to market, expand their entrepreneurial and engagement skills, and much more.

Resources for Faculty and Students

Funding Opportunities

WSU offers internal funding and resources for commercialization and entrepreneurship activities. The state of Washington and other private and public sources provides support for industry-sponsored research and more.     

Entrepreneurial Faculty Ambassadors

EFA is a peer-to-peer mentoring network that aims to spur transdisciplinary innovation, and support faculty interested in developing products, processes, and services that have positive economic and societal impacts.

Element 8 Fellowships

Undergraduates, graduate students and post-doc researchers are eligible to apply for fellowships with Element 8, a leading investment firm in Washington state.

Alaska Airlines Travel Awards

Faculty and students working in areas related to Alaska Airlines Imagine Tomorrow’s competition categories can apply for travel awards.