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by Kelsey Knutson3. May 2013 09:01


You might not remember, but we met at Alive.  You were there in 2009 when we launched a wine business management major in Pullman. The next year, we created a mechanical engineering program in Bremerton, producing a savings in time, travel, and tuition.   At the start of 2011 we led the way in biofuel research teaming with multiple universities and businesses in the Northwest to help realize the potential of non-food crops as a source of jet fuel.  And on a cold day in November 2012, you were cheering on the football team as they beat the Huskies 31-28 in overtime.  We could not have done all of this without you. 

You have been an asset to Washington State University through the years and now, on May 4, 2013, a total of 3,926 of you will be honored in a celebration of your education.  We appreciate the journey you have joined us on, and congratulate all of you for your achievements.  Though your time at Washington State University may be coming to a close, your journey is just beginning. Your education makes a difference beyond our institution. The impact you have affects more than just Pullman, Washington state, or even the Northwest.  

On Saturday,

- 3087 of you will be awarded bachelors degrees, resulting in a $1.7 million increase in your personal wages over your lifetime. That’s over 700,000 Cub Burgers at Cougar Country!

- 497 of you will receive your masters, creating a personal financial lifetime impact of $500,000 beyond a bachelors degree.  

- 152 Doctoral Candidates will see a personal increase in wages of  $700,000 in addition to the $1.7 million increase from a bachelors degree.

- 190 of you will graduate with Professional Degrees creating an individual increase beyond a bachelors degree, of more than  $1.3 million over your lifetime. 

In total, all of you represent an economic impact to Washington State in excess of $5.94 billion. Not only are you Cougs, but you are vital contributors to our regional economy.

So, we thank you for staying with us from orientation to graduation. Congratulations on graduating and remember, you are part of the WSU family for life. Never forget the impact you have already made, and will continue to make, throughout your entire life.

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